Our Vision

Cosmo Carat aspires to a world where every individual radiates with inner strength and elegance, embodying the limitless possibilities of the cosmos.

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Our Mission

At Cosmo Carat, we make jewelry that's more than just pretty — it reflects the beauty of the universe.

Every piece we make is crafted with care and comes from ethical sources. With the expertise of our trained GIA graduates, we aim to give jewelry lovers the best gems at great prices.



Guided by the expertise of our GIA graduates, we are devoted to offering jewelry lovers an unmatched blend of quality and value, making the dazzling allure of gemstones accessible.

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At Cosmo Carat, our love for beauty goes beyond our jewelry to the world that inspires it. We're actively moving towards a more sustainable approach.

With our latest collections, we're excited to use recycled materials, striking a balance between luxury and caring for our planet.